Mar 25

Sleep Sins

Sophie Dee has always been a total horn dog, she just can’t stop thinking about sex but ever since her boyfriend got a job working from 6am to 9pm four days a week she’d begun to get extremely lonely for dick. Sophie found that her boyfriend was sleeping most of the time that he was at house and she was tired of pleasing herself instead of riding his fat dick so she started to stalk him at nights when he was sleeping. Sophie’s boyfriend had always slept naked so at night she would turn on a flashlight and lay in bed teasing her pussy while watching his fat dick while he slept.

Soon enough though just watching his penis wasn’t enough to get her off and she reached over to touch him while he slept, when he didn’t wake up at her first touch she wrapped her hand around his shaft. The feel of his throbbing sleeping dick between her fingers made her pussy soaking wet and unable to help herself she leaned down and ran her tongue down his fat dick. She couldn’t believe that her boyfriend wasn’t waking up but it just meant that she had more freedom to play!

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Mar 23

Sleep Sins

Kylie Wilde is a wild chick indeed and there is nothing she won’t do to get her shaved pussy pounded including seducing a guy while he’s asleep! Kylie really doesn’t have any standards or loyalty when there’s a dick at stake, she’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that she gets hers regardless of the fall out that may follow.

Last week as Kylie was stretching before her run she heard a knock at the door, opening it she found her weight lifting buddy standing there, his eyes red. Kylie invited him inside and asked him what was going on, he told her that his girlfriend had just dumped him and that he was so upset he didn’t even feel like running with her yesterday. Kylie told him to go lay down on the bed and take a nap and when he’d rested and she’d gone for her run they would talk about it and get his head straightened out. When Kylie came back home she found him sleeping on the bed, seeing his penis inside his boxer briefs she wanted to reach over and touch it. Whispering his name Kylie checked to see if he was awake but when he didn’t answer she reached over and rubbed her hand over his dick.

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Mar 18

Sleep Sins

Chrissy had been working overtime at work for about three weeks now, spending every extra hour she had at work to finish up a project that was due on Friday. Chrissy was exhausted but she was hornier than hell, she hadn’t been laid in three weeks and she needed to feel a thick throbbing dick inside her tight wet pussy more than anything. Hurrying home Chrissy dropped her bags at the door and running up to the bedroom she burst through the door to ravage her boyfriend but when she saw her boyfriend fast asleep on the bed she was pretty upset.

The longer Chrissy stood there watching her boyfriend sleeping the more she thought she would try to fuck him anyway because she was tired and damnit she was hornier than hell. Stripping to her matching black bra and panty set Chrissy crept up on to the bed and tugging at her boyfriends boxers she brushed her hand against his dick. When her boyfriend didn’t wake up Chrissy pulled his boxers all the way down and grabbing his dick she slipped it between her lips. The feel of his penis growing fat between her lips made her hornier than ever.

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Mar 16

Sleep Sins

Roxy was hornier than hell, she’d been wearing her schoolgirl Halloween costume all day and now that the party was happening she could feel her tight slit getting wet at the thought of randomly grabbing any one of  the disguised guys at the party and taking him in to the bedroom for a quick fuck. To try and calm down a little bit Roxy decided to rub one out in the bedroom so sneakily she crept in to her bedroom and locked the door behind her.

As Roxy turned around to lay on the bed she noticed one of the guys from the party was already passed out on the bed despite the “keep off” sign that she’d placed there. When Roxy saw him she knew that she’d be able to have a lot of fun with him but when she went to shake him awake she wouldn’t wake up. The longer Roxy thought about it the more she thought that he’d never know if she did get him off in his sleep since he was passed out completely and peeling off her panties and short skirt and knelt on the bed next to him with her soaking wet pussy ready to tease his dick.

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Mar 11

Sleep Sins

Dana had no idea what she was in for when she took a job at a local resort for nudists and people with alternate lifestyles but the pay was too good to resist and she needed the money so badly that she couldn’t say no. Her first day on the job Dana didn’t know where to look, there were so many cocks everywhere and when she got home she was so horny she spent an hour and a half teasing her wet slit until she came three times. The second day on the job Dana was left at lunch with a massage client while everyone else at the resort went out to eat. Feeling left out and still hornier than hell Dana’s mind started to wander.

As the client laid on the table he fell asleep and Dana couldn’t help but lift his towel and take a peek at his dick. The towel was there as a professional courtesy but Dana was curious and pulling the towel aside she rubbed her hand slowly and gently across his dick. As soon as she touched him his dick stood to attention. Dana couldn’t believe that he didn’t wake up but when she realized how hard he was sleeping she wanted to see what else she could do!

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Mar 09

Sleep Sins

Sexy redhead Faye loves to fuck but the love of her life isn’t quite as horny as she is and sometimes it leaves Faye so horny that she just doesn’t know what to do. Recently Faye tried to replace her need for sex with a hobby, she started with watching movies but when the first movie she picked was full of x-rated sex all it did was give her more ideas. She watched as the guy in the movie slid in to bed with this chick and started to tease her pussy while she was sleeping, Faye couldn’t believe that the chick didn’t wake up so she decided to try it with her boyfriend and see if he slept right through it as well.

As luck would have it a week later Faye came home and found her boyfriend sleeping on the couch, carefully she pulled down his pants and his boxers to reveal his dick, Faye already couldn’t believe that he was still asleep. Taking his penis in her hand Faye squeezed his dick and stroked his shaft until it was hard enough to slip in to her tight slit. As carefully as she could Faye climbed on top of his dick and slipped it inside her pussy.

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Mar 04

Sleep Sins

Vivian West was running out of money in college and she had been forced to find a job to help pay for her expenses. Every job Vivian went for didn’t pay enough money to keep her in the lifestyle she was used to but when she ran in to a maids job for one of her professors that paid enough to cover all of her bills she took it but she had no idea what she was getting herself in to!

Last Friday when Vivian went over to her professors home to start work she got more than she’d bargained for. As Vivian went to put away the laundry she walked in to her professors bedroom and found him sleeping on the bed in just his boxer shorts. As Vivian stood there looking at him she felt her pussy getting wet at the very thought of seeing his fat dick. Dropping the basket of laundry Vivian lifted her shirt to tease her boobies and crawling up on the bed she carefully pulled his dick out of his boxers. Vivian’s professor didn’t wake and as she wrapped her hand around his dick she slipped it inside her warm mouth.

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Mar 02

Sleep Sins

Adrianna is a real sex fiend and even when her boyfriend isn’t up for a little rumble in the bedroom Adrianna still looks for a way to get her rocks off. Adrianna has always been a total horn dog and she always found it hard to keep girlfriends because when it comes to talking about their sex lives she always out did them all.

Last week when Adrianna came house from work to find her boyfriend on the sofa sleeping she was pretty pissed off, she’d called him at lunch to ask him to come home early and if he did she’d suck his dick like never before. Walking in to the living room Adrianna stood and watched him for a few minutes, trying to plan her revenge but the longer she watched him, imagining his dick inside her mouth, the hornier she got. Adrianna could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter and instead of getting revenge she decided that she was going to do it without him and stripping off she walked over and carefully took his dick out of his boxers. Stroking his penis until it was solid Adrianna slipped it between her warm wet lips making sure not to wake him.

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Feb 25

Sleep Sins

Nautica is a sexy Asian chick who really knows what she wants from life, dick. There is absolutely nothing that Nautica won’t do for a fat dick in her pussy even when that penis belongs to her best friend’s boyfriend!

Nautica had gone on vacation with her best friend and her best friend’s boyfriend to a remote place out by the beach. Nautica decided to go out and lay by the pool for a while and give her girlfriend and her boyfriend some time alone. After a little while of laying out in the sun Nautica heard some shouting inside the home and she decided to wait a while before going inside so she didn’t interrupt. After about an hour or so Nautica thought it was safe to go back in and when she walked in she found her best friend’s boyfriend laying on the floor in just his boxers and her best friend was no where to be seen. As Nautica saw him laying on the floor with his balls hanging out of the leg of his boxers she felt her pussy getting soaking wet. Looking around to make sure her best friend wasn’t anywhere near Nautica leaned down and pulled his dick out of the leg of his pants and slipped it between her lips.

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Feb 23

Sleep Sins

Missy had been having a really hard time at work, she had taken on some extra work to make sure she had some extra cash at the end of the month so she could finally make a down payment on her own place. Missy had been staying with her girlfriend for entirely too long and she needed to get her own apartment so she wasn’t always walking around on eggshells trying to keep her roommate happy. When the weekend finally arrived Missy couldn’t wait to relax, her roommate was going out of town for the entire weekend and she was looking forward to being able to walk around in her undies all weekend.

When Missy woke up on Saturday morning she walked out to grab coffee and out of habit she put on her robe. After grabbing a coffee she walked in to the living room only to find her roommate’s brother crashed out on a cot in the living room. Whispering to him Missy tried to wake him but when he didn’t wake Missy got a naughty thought. Slipping out of her robe she stood in front of him in her red lace bra and panties and wondered exactly how far she’d go with this sleeping stud!

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Feb 04

Sleep Sins

Chrissy had been having a pretty big streak of bad luck lately and after she got evicted from her place she went to stay with one of her professors for a while since she had no where else to go and being kind he offered her his spare room until she got back on her feet. Chrissy wasn’t sure about living with a professor, she was afraid it would cramp her style but she really didn’t have any other choice so she accepted the offer and moved in with him. Since living with her professor though Chrissy had begun to have crazy sex dreams about him and the more she had them the curiouser she got about him.

One day when he was napping Chrissy snuck in to his room in just her bra and panties. Touching his bare chest she shook him to see if he was soundly sleeping and when he didn’t wake up Chrissy chanced a sneak peek down his boxer briefs. When she saw the tip of his dick peeking back at her Chrissy reached in and carefully pulled it out making sure not to wake him. Slipping the head of his dick in to her warm wet mouth she couldn’t believe how amazingly good it felt to do something so forbidden!

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Feb 02

Sleep Sins

Dana was pretty nervous when she took her first masseuse job after graduating from massage class but she actually managed to get the job that all of her fellow graduates were clamoring for, a new spa that had just opened up down the street. Dana knew that she’d only been given the job because she was a gorgeous chick with perky boobs but she really didn’t care as long as she was getting paid to do what she liked. Dana’s first day was going smoothly until a guy came in and asked her for a “happy ending,” Dana told him that they weren’t that kind of spa but if he wanted to lay back and relax she promised that he’d feel amazing anyway.

After a few minutes Dana’s client was fast asleep and she began to let her mind wander to how much she could make if she offered “happy endings.’ As Dana pondered this she noticed her sleeping client’s dick getting harder and harder under the sheet, she couldn’t help herself, she wanted to take a peek and lifting the sheet she saw his perfectly shaved dick standing to attention. Unable to control herself Dana reached under her shirt to tease her tits and as she did so she leaned down carefully to slip his penis in to her mouth hoping that he’d stay asleep.

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Jan 28

Sleep Sins

Redheaded Faye is a real horndog and she just can’t help herself from getting her hands on every dick she comes across whether he’s sleeping or awake! This perky tittied chick is a real slut and when her apartment got flooded and she had to go and stay with a friend she knew she would have a great time getting her tight pussy filled with his dick and all his friends as well! Dereck had no idea what he was up for when he offered Faye a apartment to stay for the week but he was about to find out!

Faye tried her hand at teasing him but for whatever reason Dereck wasn’t interested and that just pushed her to want him even more so when she came home from school to find him sleeping soundly on the sofa she risked a peek at his penis. Dereck must have been sleeping pretty soundly or at least been pretending to because he didn’t wake up when Faye reached in to his pants and pulled out his dick, he didn’t move a muscle when she slipped the head of his dick in to her warm mouth and he ‘t even flinch when she lifted up her dress and slipped his hard dick inside her tight slit!

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Jan 26

Sleep Sins

Vivian decided to take part in a scavenger hunt at her apartment complex with some of her sorority sisters but she had no idea that her sisters had picked some really odd things for her to go hunting for including a pair of boxer shorts. Well after an hour Vivian had everything off the list but since she’d just broken up with her boyfriend she didn’t have any boxer shorts and had no idea where to find any until she remembered her neighbor Sam.

Knocking on the door there was no answer  so Vivian tried the handle and relieved to find it unlocked she thought she’d be able to sneak in and grab a pair of boxers and hopefully get them back before he noticed they were gone. As Vivian walked in to the bedroom she found Sam sleeping on the bed in his boxers and the thought crossed her mind that it would be so sexy if she could manage to take off his and bring them back to her sorority sisters. Sneaking over Vivian tugged at the band of his boxers watching to make sure he didn’t wake up and while he didn’t wake his fat dick did pop out of the fly on his boxers and Vivian’s mouth started to water!

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